Household Items

Vinegar - Literally use this to clean everything 

Apothecary Calgary ​

Double Edge Shaving Razor 

Bear Minimum​ Banff 

KD Cloth - awesome for mirrors and mostly all other surfaces, its machine washable​​

I got mine for Christmas :) but I think you should be able to find online or in any local store that sells cleaning products 

Hard pressed soaps - hand wash, face wash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner

Rocky Mountain Soap Company (Banff and Canmore locations)

Bulk Barn Cochrane ​​

Diva Cup - i started using this way before I became zero waste, best 

Any local drug store or health food store 

Nutters Canmore

Shoppers Drugmart Banff or Canmore

Compostable Dishcloths

Banff Tea Company

Biodegradable Dishcloths 

         Cool as a Moose

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