They are happy to throw their greasy deliciousness into any container you bring! If you bring back your used pizza box they will refill that too!

Banff Ave Brewing Co. 

We're human. We love beer and this was probably the best and easiest transition to zero waste living. At most breweries you can purchase a Growler (64oz bottle) and have it filled and refilled. At the Banff Ave Brew Pub they have an awesome selection of beers to choose from. To have your Growler filled costs about $16.

Banff Convenience

Samosas! They will gladly put them in your own container. 


Will put Pop/Clamato into any jar!


Bring a pizza tray or large container and fill up!

High Rollers

Ask nicely and they will fill up anything!

JK Bakery

Bring your own container, enjoy a discount and some delicious baked goods or build your own sandwich!

Liquor Depot  

6+ types of beer to fill your growler. Canmore location has a wider selection than Banff.

Lux Theatre

Pop and popcorn!


Masala's awesome staff are always very happy to fill the containers that we bring, they even thank us for "saving the world". The only thing, is they refuse to put naan in bags, because it ruins it and they want all their customers to have the best quality they can give. So we wash the tinfoil and return it to refill.

Mountain Chocolates

Fill up on all your bulk chocolate!


Vegan and vegetarian meals to go or dine in and take containers for left overs!

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co

Banff and Canmore locations. Bring long rectangular container for full or sandwich size for single serving. 


The super friendly managers love the idea of zero waste, and are always happy to fill the containers. We bring a thermos for their great tomato basil soup, and bring large containers for their tasty sandwiches! 

Wild Flour Bakery

Super supportive. %10 discount if you bring in your own bag for bread!



Beyond Meat burger in compostable packaging!


Also super supportive. %10 discount when you bring your own container!


This juice bar in Canmore will fill up any jar or bottle with a tasty smoothy/juice. They also have pre-made juices that they sell in glass bottles that you can return for a $1.00 return.


The Coup

Vegetarian restaurant, local foods, ethical menu, they compost, meal share to the homeless, stainless steel straws 

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