Banff Tea Co (refill loose leaf teas and compostable dishcloths)

Bear Minimum ($$$ but only place to refill dish soap, laundry detergent or purchase toothpaste, bulk bags, dryer balls, ect., in the bow valley)

Beatnik Salon (will refill Kevin Murphy bottles of shampoo and conditioner)

Gourlay's (will take back empty prescription bottles)

Home Hardware (bulk nails and screws)

IGA (fill up on deli items)

Nesters (very small selection but there is bulk, will also put meat in containers) 

Uprising Craft Bakery (find Pat on Facebook and make an order, pick up or delivery!)

Wildlife Distillery (cleans and reuses Gin/Vodka bottles 




Community Thrift (jars, jars and more jars!)

Nutters (also great bulk section)

Save on Foods (best bulk selection within bow valley, will also put cheese in a container if you ask nicely!)


Bulk Barn (make sure to tare your jars before filling)



Apothecary (this was our starter shop where we filled up on the basics; spray bottles, scrubs, vinegar, dish soap)

Community Natural Foods (tare your jars for refill)

Silk Road (Refill glass bottles spices)

Plant (will pot plants and reuse the plastic) 

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